drinking water production

by reverse osmosis

The availability of clean and fresh drinking water is essential for everyone to have a safe and carefree stay aboard ships and on offshore platforms.

The core of our water processing plants is reverse osmosis technology that converts seawater into fresh, clean drinking water by using semi-permeable membranes. Under high pressure, seawater is pumped through the membranes and the largest part of the contained salt is filtered out. The result is potable freshwater for passengers and employees on board. With the membrane technology, microorganisms and germs, along with the salt molecules, are held back. As a result, we can guarantee clean and germ free, premium quality drinking water at all times.

Wherever there is an insufficient drinking water supply, reverse osmosis systems from KOW Watertreatment can be used. 

Reverse osmosis is also used successfully in the production of process water.

In order to operate properly, steam boilers require boiler feedwater of the highest quality and purity. By using series connected reverse osmosis membranes, we can generate makeup water with a conductivity of < 30µS/cm (permeate). The use of permeate as feedwater ensures a safe and economical operation of boiler plants, because the low conductivity of the permeate reduces the consumption of water and energy as well as the need for the use of chemicals.