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Water - Precious Elixir of Life

More than 70 percent the earth's surface is covered by water. The worldwide supply is estimated to be approximately 1.4 billion cubic kilometres. Nonetheless, well over 97 percent of this is salt water and only approximately three percent is freshwater. In addition, only a small quantity is drinkable right from the source. In most cases, freshwater must be processed in order to become fresh, clean drinking water.

KOW Watertreatment stands for a safe and cost-effective provision with drinking and process water - whether in the maritime sector or for the land-based application.

We tailor the design solutions for our plants to the specific demands of every single customer. The KOW water treatment plants are characterized by the following features:

Consistently high purity and quality of the generated drinking water

Reliable and constant availability of drinking and process water

Low maintenance requirements

Short amortization periods

Compliance with international guidelines and norms for drinking water and feedwater

Learn more about the core principle of our plants,  reverse osmosis, and about the quality and
cost efficiency  of our solutions for drinking water processing.