Drinking water

for people at sea

The availability of clean and fresh drinking water is essential for everyone to have a safe and carefree stay aboard ships and on offshore platforms.

The core   of our plants is reverse osmosis, using semi-permeable membranes. Under high pressure, seawater is pumped through the membranes and the largest part of the contained salt is filtered out. The result is potable freshwater for passengers and employees on board.

Our portfolio ranges from small systems, with a daily drinking water output of 1 m³ / d, to large systems (up to 1000 m³ / d). The application range covers all ship types:

All systems can be installed during the construction phase in the dock as well as in the retrofit. As part of a retrofit, the system is brought on board in individual parts and will be ready to start running within two to three weeks, without interrupting the ship's operation.

Learn more about the core of our plants,   reverse osmosis, and about the quality and cost efficiency  of our solutions for drinking water processing.

Profitability Analysis

We are happy to prepare a cost-effectiveness analysis of your current system for free. Based on your data, we can quickly assess how you can save money by optimizing your water treatment system.

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