Sustainability and Efficiency

thanks to KOW Technology

In today's decision-making process it is essential that plants are produced environmentally friendly and are operating with a low consumption of resources.

KOW Watertreatment plants live up to this requirement and are characterized by a very low energy consumption:

Energy consumption without energy recovery:

12,0 KWh/m³ permeate

Energy consumption with energy recovery:

Turbocharger included:
< 6,0 KWh/m³ permeate

Pressure Exchanger included:
< 3,5 KWh/m³ permeate


The KOW Watertreatment plants also include the following features:

Three-year performance warrantee

Excellent pre-treatment, generating possible long operating intervals of 4 to 6 months between two cleanings

Durable membranes

Highly efficient desalination with a residual salt content of <500 μS / cm

High permeate yield preventing over-irritation of the membranes with constant extraction

Easy to operate, system starts and stops automatically

Training of plant personnel to operate the water treatment plant safely and most efficiently

Maintenance and repair by qualified service technicians

Retrofitting and modernization of existing plants without interrupting ship operation

Cost effectiveness

The costant improvement of the cost-benefit ratio is a key advantage of KOW Watertreatment's water processing plants.

Depending on the plants' size and utilization ratio, amortization can be reached in as little as 1,5 years. The production cost of one cubic metre of drinking water using a KOW Watertreatment plant is currently $0.8 on average. Bunker water, on the other hand, can cost anywhere between $2 and $12, depending on the region. It is a profitable investment if you take into account that the average life span of our water treatment plants is at least 15 years.

Profitability Analysis

We are happy to prepare a cost-effectiveness analysis of your current system for free. Based on your data, we can quickly assess how you can save money by optimizing your water treatment system.

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