About us

KOW Watertreatment GmbH

KOW Watertreatment stands for a safe and cost-effective supply of drinking and process water for the maritime sector and for  land-based use

We are a distribution and engineering provider for water processing plants with long-standing experience in the maritime sector. The KOW Watertreatment team has installed numerous reverse osmosis plants for the processing of drinking water both on cruise ships and onshore, which have been and are in operation successfully since many years.

We tailor the design solutions for our plants to the specific demands of the individual customer. The KOW water treatment plants are characterized by the following features:

  • Consistently high purity and quality of the generated drinking water
  • Reliable and constant availability of drinking and process water
  • Low maintenance requirements
  • Short amortization periods
  • Compliance with international guidelines and norms for drinking water and feedwater

Learn more about the core principle of our plants,  reverse osmosis, and about the quality and
cost efficiency  of our solutions for drinking water processing.

We are part of the family owned  KF Group.

The KF Group, founded by the Kemmer/Fischer family, is a conglomerate of several medium-sized businesses with over 300 employees. Our portfolio offers a number of services for the removal and prevention of environmental pollution.

With the know-how of our engineers, we are constantly working on solutions for the B2B, as well as the B2C sector. Because all our companies are closely connected, you will benefit from the cross-company exchange of information between our experts.

Due to our horizontal organization structure and the fact that we appreciate each and every one of our employees, we can guarantee that our projects are executed in the best possible manner, from the planning stage all the way through to their realization. Our approach is rooted in our company tradition going back 30 years. The high number of satisfied customers both inside and outside of Germany is proof that we are on the right track. We have also established branches of our companies in India and Brazil.