We make water drinkable.

KOW Watertreatment stands for effective and
economically viable drinking water treatment - whether in the maritime sector or for land-based applications.

Drinking water production

at sea and in special places

KOW Watertreatment is one of the leading providers of drinking water processing plants for cruise liners and offshore platforms.

The core of our water processing plants is reverse osmosis. Using semi-permeable membranes, seawater is transformed into fresh, clean drinking water.

KOW's reverse osmosis systems also offer exceptionally clean and efficient drinking water treatment in special places on land where there is an insufficient supply of drinking water.

Maritime application of KOW plants

Our portfolio ranges from small systems, with a daily drinking water output of 1 m³ / d, to large systems
(up to 1000 m³ / d). The application range covers all ship types:

Land-based application of KOW plants

Wherever there is an insufficient drinking water supply, reverse osmosis systems from KOW Watertreatment can be used. These include container or skid-based systems for:


The constant improvement of the cost-benefit ratio is a key advantage of KOW Watertreatment's water processing plants. Depending on the plants' size and utilization ratio, amortization can be reached in as little as 1.5 years.

As part of the KF Group, KOW Watertreatment possesses long-standing expertise in the fields of water treatment and environmental technology. Our team of engineers and service technicians offers solutions that are tailored precisely to your demands. Whether you need a new processing plant, an upgrade to an existing one, spare parts or after sales services - KOW Watertreatment has a suitable offer for your drinking water processing needs in the
maritime sector.